136. The garden

I have always wanted to be a person who could grow her own food. When I was very young, my grandfather from Italy lived with us, and I remember we had a vegetable garden in the back yard that produced tomatoes, zucchini and peppers. He must have taken the family green thumb with him when … Continue reading 136. The garden

135. Travel During the Pandemic

Now that we're safe and sound in our house in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, I can say it out loud -- it was nuts to go overseas during a global pandemic. In the butcher's window: "Long Live the Pork Belly! Get the Vaccine; Wear the mask!" Yes, when we made our plans a few months ago, Italy's … Continue reading 135. Travel During the Pandemic

127. My Tribe

I get a little zing whenever Anthony Fauci comes on the TV. I stop everything to listen. Sure, he's one of the true greats of our time, a savior helping us emerge from not one, but two epidemics -- AIDS and COVID -- a genius both scientifically and in his ability to communicate calmly, clearly … Continue reading 127. My Tribe